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Yellow Pages Advertising
$ 20

Yellow Pages Costa Rica is an online, internet, Bi-lingual Business guide for Costa Rica. It operates on Smartphones, Tablets, or Desktop computers.

Select your Advertising Option below.

Then, enter the Qty of Ads you wish to order (for example if you have 3 offices in 3 cities, you would order 3 Ads (if you are ordering 1 Ad, Enter the Qty "1". Then select Order.

The screen will refresh and display your order. Check it and if ok, select "Order" again. You will then enter your Name, address and then Click Credit Card.

Enter your Credit card information. Then select Checkout again. THIS INFORMATION IS SECURED BY ENCRIPTION AND WILL NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE!

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2-3 5%
4-10 10%
11-49 20%
50-99 30%
100+ 50%

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