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code: hfflaminSTORE

Code: 02-2265
Marlin - 65' Cat., Playa Del Coco
$ 85

Marlin, Playa Del Coco. Morning or Afternoon, 4 hour Snorkel Tour on 65 foot sailing catamaran. Reaches 25 knt speed and carries up to 75 passengers. Tours include snorkeling, kayaking, diving, fishing or just plain relaxing.
Included in price is an open bar and a light lunch.

Cost for the morning tour is $75 per person. Cost for the Afternoon Tour is $85 per person. Enter the QTY of persons in the QTY field below. Then select the Tour/payment option.

Tour/Payment: AM Tour $75, Deposit Only (QTY pax x $37.50)-subtract 47.50
AM Tour $75 Full Payment (QTY pax x $75)- subtract 10.000
PM Tour $85, Deposit Only (QTY pax x $42.50)-subtract 47.50
PM Tour $85, Full Payment QTY pax x $85)

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