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code: hfflaminSTORE

Code: 01-7031
Permit III - 31 ft. Palm Beach Gamefisher
$ 1250

Select the Payment Option you prefer below, i.e. Half day or full day, 50% reservation deposit or full Payment.

Note: If you make a Deposit, the balance may be paid in cash at the boat or if you wish to pay the balance by Credit card it must be arranged 48 hrs in advance of the charter. A "Credit card bank fee" of 5% will be added to the final payment.

Enter the number of days you wish to fish in the "Quantity" field below Review the order and select "Order"

Enter your Name and address and check that you are paying by Credit Card. Select "Check out".

Review the order again and click "Order". Enter your credit card information (Also there is a "NOTES" area where you may enter the date(s) of the charter). After you enter your CC information and the date of the charter, Click "Order" again.

Your reservation deposit is made. I will then get back to you by email and confirm credit card processing and the trip.

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